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• Designed to keep you mobile and afloat, not weighed down in the event of an unforeseen water emergency.

• Floataid Technology helps with initial Cold-Water Shock; Cold-Water Shock is a real danger in water below 15°C (59°F). If you do find yourself in the water, floatation can save your life.

• Multi-Layer membranes create internal air pockets for additional buoyancy.

• Bottom mesh self-drainage system for quick water evacuation allowing for lighter weight when exiting water as well as quicker return to body warmth.

• Floataid’s insulation technology aids with body warmth even when wet.

Floataid swimming pool test video

To achieve the maximum flotation time intended by the Choko Design Floataid technology you must combine both the Floataid jacket and pants. Choko Design’s Floataid technology is not approved as a flotation device nor is it Coast Guard approved. Please respect your surroundings and ride cautiously over ice.