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Unsurpassed quality of our fabrics high tech thermal protection and innovative construction techniques assure excellence in performance on the trails while providing a reliable and dependable garment for daily use off the trails.

CDI Inc. the makers of Choko Design garments and accessories was founded by a team with vast experience in the field of snowmobile wear. By taking on the Choko Design brand, the directors being snowmobilers themselves, and having designed and manufactured the clothing lines for many OEM’s saw the opportunity to fill a gap in the marketplace by creating a product second to none.

A team of experienced snowmobilers, designers and fabric experts were put to the task and the rest is history.

The brand name Choko Design quickly became synonymous with quality, design, and value. The team soon expanded with a full line of accessories. An eye for detail and a passion for quality has made the Choko Design Brand world renowned.

Today Choko Design Powersports has a highly technical line of breathable waterproof of winter clothing and accessories for the whole family. Whether you tour the trails, climb the Rocky Mountains, or race from oval to snowcross, Choko Design has the ultimate gear for you.