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Q. I purchased online through your website, who should I contact with questions regarding my order and the checkout process?
A. Our online store is managed by a private company called Shopatron, all the orders are then fulfilled by your local Choko Design dealer. Should you have any questions regarding your order, the checkout process, or the functionality of the online store please contact us at

Q. I purchased my Choko Design gear online through your website who is my dealer?
A. Every purchase made at is fulfilled by a dealer in our network your invoice and packing list will indicate which dealer has fulfilled your order.

Q. Why was my online order accepted and then cancelled due to lack of inventory.
A. Choko Design and our dealers do our best not to disappoint any customers, however from time to time an online order may be cancelled due to lack of inventory. When you placed your order just below the price the inventory level was indicated, it may have said Limited availability and unfortunately was sold out by the time your order finished processing.

Q. How do I clean my Choko Design Garment or accessory?
A. For detailed instructions on caring for your Choko Design products please see our product care guide. (Link)

Q. How long is my Choko Design product warrantied for?
A. Choko Design warranties all garments and accessories to the original owner for one year from the purchase date. For more information please see our warranty page (link)

Q. Will Choko Design Sponsor my race team?
A. Yes! Choko Design is a proud sponsor of race teams, and individual racers of all ages, and skill levels. Please contact your local dealer for more information on our rider sponsorship program.

Q. How do I find my local dealer?
A. Please see our dealer locator page (link)

Q. What if my question was not answered here?
A. Please contact us at with your questions